Publications and Forthcoming:

Chapters in Books:

  • 2014 "Women and Social Mobility" (in spanish) , with Ximena Peña, Hugo Ñopo, Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Jorge Castañeda, and Camila Uribe, in Armando Montenegro and Marcela Meléndez (eds.), Equidad y Movilidad Social, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.


Work in Progress:

  • Long-Term Direct and Intra-household Spillover Effects of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program: Experimental Evidence from Colombia (Joint with Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Leonardo Bonilla, and Matías Busso)

  • Opportunity Costs and the Local Effects of Migration (Joint with Mateo Arbeláez and Nicolás Urdaneta)

  • Seasonality, Calendar Adjustment, and School Enrolment: Evidence from rural Colombia (Joint with Abu Shonchoy, Sebastián Montaño, and Anderson Tami)